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We are an independent pharmacy that prides itself on offering personalized customer service. What makes us unique from any other local pharmacy is our ability to provide our clients with state of the art compliance packaging. This service helps to ensure your complex medication dosage schedule is simple to follow and convenient to maintain . See the attached video for a more detailed description of its use and benefits.

Sherwood Dispensaries is also an AADL Vendor for incontinence & wound care supplies, as well as compression stockings. Some of our other services include the following: FREE Prescription Delivery in Sherwood Park, incontinence supplies, wound care supplies, sports injury/therapy products, mobility aids, bath equipment, Rentals (wheel chairs, breast pumps, and IV poles), medical compression stockings (over the counter and prescription), and so much more. We look forward to seeing  you soon. 

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Flu Vaccine:

Visit our store to receive your free yearly flu shot. There are no long line ups and it only takes a few minutes. 

Sherwood Dispensaries Recognized for their contributions:

On October 5, 2013, Sherwood Dispensaries was recognized for the contributions that we have made over the last 3 years to the Robin Hood Association (RHA). This 50th Anniversary Gala was held at the Strathcona County Community Centre.  We were grateful  to be formally recognized for the substantial donations we have given to this important organization. We are confident that these funds have been instrumental towards benefiting the clients of Robin Hood and the community.

Interesting Facts...

Are you on a first name basis with your Pharmacist? You should be. One of the problems, in our opinion, with many of the larger chain Pharmacies is the inconsistency in who provides your medication. It's important to have a Pharmacist that knows you and knows your condition. As a member of the health care profession, Pharmacists are as important to your overall care as is your family doctor. Building that relationship with a familiar face and consistent message will pay dividends for your health. Just as you are treated by the same family doctor, so should you be by your Pharmacist. Generaly, small independent Pharmacies are operated by the Pharmacist that owns it. They live and raise families in the community, they know their patients, and they have a vested interest in them. Keep in mind, not all pharmacies are created equal, and bigger is not necessarily better.